Create your own home studio.

Five steps to confidently create and share professional looking video.

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Create your own home studio.

Five steps to confidently create and share professional looking video.



Repurpose the content you’ve already created in blog posts and articles to create your videos.


Create videos around your training and offer your clients multiple ways to access your expertise.


The best way to scale your business is to create an online course around your expertise.


Create and share
professional looking videos

Take the frustration out of creating professional videos. This course will show how to setup your studio, film like a pro, make easy edits, and share your videos to grow your business.


Scale your business
with online trainings.

Once you have professional videos, its time to use them to generate passive income. This BONUS course will show you how to create an online course, integrate a membership login, build a product launch, and automate the entire process. Once it’s setup, all you need to do is check your bank account.


Drive consistent traffic
to your products.

What’s the point of a video training if no one can find it? These BONUS videos show you how to build truly effective Youtube campaigns connecting your ideal clients to your solutions.

  • Create Stunning Videos

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Watch a case study.

Check out a case study from one of our course participants. After struggling to find a good tutorial online, Laurie took our course and within a matter of months she had 30 training videos recorded in her home studio. Now whenever a client books her for a speaking engagement or consultation, Laurie offers them a way to continue the training with her online.

  • Save Time and Money

    “I had spent too much time and money trying to figure out my studio and lighting set-up on my own — and I’m a techie. I didn’t know this until Video Narrative made a subtle, elegant shift in my approach and set me up for years of better communications through video. I can’t thank them enough.”

    Kyle Sexton
    Marketing Strategist // Speaker // Author

  • Crank Out Professional Video

    “Our home studio setup has given us the confidence to know that we can crank out professional video content, anytime that is right for us.  It would be hard to calculate the hours saved and the frustration avoided at this point.  I can’t imagine how we could be this far down the road with our video work without the Home Studio Course.”

    Brent Hines
    Executive Director // Foundation for Financial Wellness

  • Develop and Promote Products

    “Video Narrative’s online course has allowed our team to create and publish professional videos with ease and enjoyment! This has helped us to grow our tribe, develop and promote products, and provide additional follow-up to clients. Thank you, Video Narrative!”

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Start building trainings around your expertise.

Do the work once and see the impact for years.

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Have questions?

Is this course time-limited?

Nope. You can learn at your own pace and you will have full access to the course material indefinitely. Plus, we add new content constantly, so there’s always something to come back for. And best of all, when you join the course you get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask our video team questions and interact with other speakers and coaches who are creating videos as well.

How much of an investment will I need to make on video equipment?

Great question. First, our promise to you is that we searched and tested every piece of equipment we suggest in our course to ensure they are the highest quality for the lowest cost available.  Next, the amount of equipment you need is going to depend on whether you are creating your own studio or filming in a room with natural light like your home office.  But, here are some ball park figures:  For creating a studio, we are going to suggest you get lights, a backdrop, a microphone, and a camera. (Plus a few more odds and ends like a clamp light.)  Altogether, most people spend somewhere between $300-$750 on all the studio equipment—and the biggest part of that cost is a DSLR camera, which you may already have.
Something to consider:  If you were to rent a video studio for a day, you will be spending somewhere between $500-$1,500.  When you get the equipment we suggest, for a fraction of the cost you can go on making videos in your own studio for years.  Definitely worth the investment!

How many videos are in the course?

Well, to start, there’s a lot.  But, the moment we give you a definite answer to that question, is the moment we’d be wrong.  See, we designed this course with everything necessary to make, edit, and use videos to grow your business.  But, technology is always changing, and every year we learn new things about what works best for client interaction and online trainings.  So we are constantly adding videos to the course.  When we add new videos, we let you know so you can adjust the way you are creating your videos. In that way, I guess you could say this is less of a course, and more of a all you-can-eat buffet.

Does this course really work?

Really important question, glad you asked.  Yes, it really does.  See, this course isn’t version 1.0.  We made that version and spent a year testing it and getting feedback.  We saw amazing results from those who used it to set up their studios and created really sharp-looking videos.  But, it didn’t take us long to realize that creating great videos is only half the equation.  The other half is to know how to use them to grow your business.  So, we took a look at which of our clients were using videos most effectively, which of our own videos worked best, and what people were responding to most on the internet.  We helped speakers create on-line trainings and watched as many of their bookings went from a one-time fee to an residual fee since companies love on-going training for their teams.  We analyzed the way click-ratings went up when there was a video in a newsletter.  We also did a lot of research and testing on Youtube.  That’s where the two bonus courses were born.  So, to answer your question, yeah, this course totally works! By the end you will not only know how to create amazing looking videos, you will have strategies to use them to grow your online brand and increase your revenue.

Can I download the course material in PDF?

Well, YES and NO.  The YES part is that almost every video has a downloadable PDF to accompany it.  That way, you can both watch the videos and then review the PDF as notes when you’re…say, setting up your camera, or adjusting some lights.  The NO part is that the PDF’s provide an outline from the videos, not every word we say.

What if I am completely new to video?

No problem! This course was made for you. It doesn’t matter what knowledge level you’re starting at when it comes to video creation. This course will walk you through every step necessary to get the right equipment, set it up, film, edit, and share your videos. Then we show you how to use your videos in blog posts, email newsletters, and a lot more. We finish up by showing you how to design an online training, increase your revenue on client bookings, and gain leads on Youtube. By the end of the course, you will be a video pro. (Just don’t let it go to your head.)

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Still Unsure?

“I’m a detail junkie. This is EXACTLY the information I was looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am super excited to get this set up and rock out some videos ASAP.”

-Shelley H.
Coach, Speaker, Author

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Lesson Overview

Build Your Vision

The Right Equipment

Camera Setup

Space Setup

3-Point Lighting

Marking Your Setup

Natural Light

Film Like a Pro

The Right Lens

Tripod Setup

Great Audio

Teleprompter Setup

File Organization

Editing Software

Text and Graphics

Work with Audio and Music

Share to YouTube

Design Your Course

Setup Payment & Login

CRM Automation

Payment Processing

Automated Course Launch

Create Promo Video

YouTube Ad Campaign